I Hear Voices…

I hear voices throughout the day. I mostly hear them when I’m alone but sometimes when I’m with others. I’m pretty sure no one else hears the voices I do, but I know we all hear voices. The question for me has always been what do I do when I hear these voices and which ones do I listen to. Before you call the asylum, let me explain further.

Do you remember those cartoons where a cute furry little animal was faced with a choice to do things one way or the other, and out popped a little devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other? These two would whisper into the ears of the cartoon character trying to persuade him to act on their advice. If I remember correctly the good angel usually always lost the battle and the devil would pull the angel’s halo down over his shoulders and punch him in the face until “poof” he disappeared.

I think many of us are experiencing a similar battle in our own pursuit of success and living out our daily life. The voices of negativity are all around us, telling us we are not smart enough, experienced enough, or good enough to achieve our goals and follow our dreams. They tell us we should quit, they remind us of our failures, and they discourage us from pressing on when faced with adversity and challenges. They do this to demoralize us and distract us.

Thankfully, there are other voices I hear that whisper softly and sometimes shout boldly. These voices are the voices of truth. They remind me of my vision and purpose in life. They encourage me with memories of past success and the lessons learned from failure, not the fact that I failed.

These voices remind me of the story I am a part of spiritually and my own story that I am telling within that larger one. They tell me not to be afraid but to keep pushing forward and doing what I know to be right.

I can’t stop the different voices I hear but I can choose how I respond to them. I can take action that supports my vision and furthers my story. I can serve someone and help a person in need with great customer service and care. I can be disciplined and fight through the discouragement of any situation I find myself in. I can remove the negative influences that feed the negative voices and surround myself with influences that amplify the voices of truth.

I hear voices throughout the day. I choose to listen to and respond to the voices of love, truth, and encouragement. I hope you choose to do the same.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan