BCE 2010 Top Takeaways - Day 4

The fourth day of the Building Champions Experience was the perfect end to a great week. We focused our time on Priority Management, Reflection, and Accountability. The room had many emotions flowing through it when I arrived. People were excited for another great session, sad to be leaving friends, and happy to be headed home to loved ones and routine. We had spent the better part of the past three days focused on identifying our personal and business priorities as well as looking deeper into our Big Why. It was time to focus on how to manage all of these priorities when we returned to our normal life and busy routines.

The morning session began with executive coach, Daniel Harkavy having a discussion with Mark Miller, the VP of Training and Development for Chick-fil-A. Mark is an author and frequent speaker at conferences on topics ranging from leadership development to creating a thriving corporate culture. Here are my takeaways from their discussion on priority management:

Keep your priorities a priority by:

  1. Reviewing your Life Plan, Vision Plan, and Business Plan regularly. If you have just written these than it should be done daily for the first 90 days. After that you should review them weekly.
  2. Scheduling your high-payoff activities into your calendar before you schedule anything else.
  3. Making your priorities non-negotiable in your life and business schedule.
  4. Rescheduling high-payoff activity, if you are forced to miss the activity, to a later date/time to keep it a priority (don't just say, "I'll do it next time").
  5. Share your priorities with a trusted advisor (spouse, coach, friend) and your administrative staff. Ask them to hold you accountable to your schedule and priorities.
  6. You cannot manage time - you can only manage how you choose to spend each minute and hour of the day.

Make sure the people that assist you are the best:

  1. Your assistant must be able to think on their own and take initiative.
  2. They must have the courage to tell you when you are wrong or not focusing on your priorities.
  3. They must listen and have the pulse of your team/office.
  4. They must be a life long learner.
  5. They must be willing to operate within boundaries/expectations you set for them.

We had the opportunity to end the day hearing from a number of people describe how the experience of this week impacted their life. It was amazing to see so many people personally impacted by the Life Planning exercise, and so great to hear how they are making changes to improve relationships with those they love. You could actually see the relief on some attendees faces that had finally wrestled with questions of where they are going, why they're doing what they do each day, what and who is most important to them in life and what they want to be remembered for when they are gone (their legacy).

We ended the entire experience right where we started, Reflecting, Planning, and Connecting. The last few minutes of the session we had the opportunity to review our notes from the week and come up with our top action plans to implement in the next two weeks. After writing these action plans out we then schedule time on our calendars to work on them over the next two weeks. The final step was to hold ourselves and friends accountable so we handed a copy of the action plans to an accountability partner and gave them permission to check in with us and ask us about our progress in two weeks. We then had the opportunity to connect with each other, say good-bye, and thank the awesome staff and coaching team at Building Champions.

I want to highly recommend you consider attending the Building Champions Experience in 2011. You will not be disappointed! Hope to see you there!

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan