BCE 2010 Top Takeaways Day 1

Today was day one of the Building Champions Experience in Sunriver, Oregon. The day lived up to the event's name as it was quite the memorable experience! After facing a few challenges in getting to the event, I finally arrived tired but ready to engage and learn from the great team of presenters and coaches Building Champions had lined up. Unfortunately, my best friend and wife was not able to attend at the last minute so I am without my bride this week and already missing her. This post is for her as she wanted to be here with me so badly.

Executive coach Daniel Harkavy started the event off talking to us about the importance and impact of coaching on people's lives. He encouraged us to spend time this week being fully present and engaged in the process of reflecting, planning, and connecting. He also shared with us the four disciplines of a successful leader and top producer.

My coach, Barry Engelman, then walked us through how we could maximize our experience this week by being open minded to learn new things, using our time wisely, connecting with other people, and staying healthy while at the event.

The Building Champions Team then did a round table discussion about whY they have been witnessing and learning from their clients as they take them through The elements of The Core Four.

Finally, Coach Steve Scanlon spoke passionately and eloquently on finding and/or rediscovering your purpose and why in life and business.

Here were my takeaways from day one of the Building Champions Experience:

1- Great leaders and top producers are willing to take risks and do things that make their palms sweat. They don't sit back and wait for success to come to them they find it daily.

2- Your business vision for your team or business should not just generate buy-in from others but rather it should be something that others and you want to passionately pursue every day.

3- If you don't believe you can accomplish what you've written in your business plan then you most likely won't. Belief in your ability to accomplish what you set out to do is extremely important.

4- Do the most difficult task first in your day and everything else will be easy to accomplish.

5- The first step in developing your purpose and why in life is to take ownership of the quest and stop delegating it to others.

Question: If you are attending the Building Champions Experience 2010, what were your takeaways from day one?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan