10 Attributes of a Great Leader

What do you believe are the attributes of a great leader? I asked this question to a group of friends recently and their answers were surprisingly all similar to my answers. Most of my friends are under forty and it got me thinking about the style of leadership my generation is seeking. Here are ten attributes of a leader that a small group of 30 something men identified one night. I wonder if they are similar to what you would say.

  1. Humble: A leader that does not consider oneself better than everyone else yet is confident and assertive. A leader that is a servant at heart and a commander in practice.
  2. People Builder: A leader that invests time and resources into the personal development of their team. A leader that teaches, coaches, and shares their wisdom and experience with others to help them become stronger leaders. They encourage, uplift, and praise their employees when their performance aligns with the vision and convictions of the company.
  3. Visionary: A leader that has a vision and purpose. They communicate that vision regularly and are willing to allow others to create their own vision under the umbrella of the overall company vision. A leader that is positive and willing to encourage others to greatness.
  4. Ability to Execute: A leader that is able to turn words into action and inspire others to give their best every day. They know the strategy of the company and execute it daily.
  5. Willing to Listen and be Challenged: A leader that cares to hear other view points, makes decisions based on input from others, and does not mind having ideas challenged. They actively listen to the needs and wants of their people.
  6. Candid Communicator: A leader that is a straight-shooter and honest with employees. They don’t sugar coat bad news and they don’t hold back praise. They give you honest feedback on performance and areas of improvement. They connect with their employees through open and consistent communication. They are not afraid to talk about the tough issues.
  7. Risk Taker: A leader that is not afraid to try new strategies, adapt to ever changing markets, and implement the ideas of workers in the trenches. They confidently take risks that align with their overall vision.
  8. Surrounded by Other Leaders: A leader that is surrounded by other great leaders. Someone that knows their weaknesses and finds the right people to fill those gaps. They promote leadership development from within the company.
  9. Makes Conviction Based Decisions: A leader that consistently returns to the convictions/values of the company when decisions are being made. Decisions reflect the values of the organization and are in line with vision and mission.
  10. Believes in Accountability: A leader that is not afraid to be held accountable and is not afraid to hold people accountable to performance standards. Does not allow mediocrity to exist. Works with employees to create performance standards and goals. Has the right people in the right seats on the bus.

Questions: What do you believe are the attributes of a great leader? What did we miss?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan