10 Buyer Qualification Questions

No matter the market, taking the time to qualify a prospective buyer is very important and something you cannot afford to skip. Most sales people get so excited when they get an actual lead that they forget to ask the right questions to determine whether the relationship is going to be a good fit. If you can ask questions that draw out a buyer's motivation, ability, and need for purchasing, then you will achieve a higher probability of overall success and customer satisfaction. Listed below are ten questions, in no specific order, that I recommend you ask before working with a buyer.

  1. Are you currently working with another real estate broker to help you find your new home?
  2. Have you met with a mortgage broker to arrange financing for your new home?
  3. How much of a down payment do you plan to invest in your new home?
  4. In what price range are you hoping to purchase your new home?
  5. Do you currently own a home or are you renting?
  6. What is your reason for chosing now to start the process of finding a new home?
  7. When would you like to be in your new home?
  8. Are there specific neighborhoods you would like to live in or would you like for me to show you all of your options?
  9. Do you have any anxiety or concern about the home buying process?
  10. What are you looking for in a real estate broker?

Remember, the goal of qualifying prospective clients is to determine if the relationship is a good fit and allow you to gather information you can use to provide a great customer service experience for your clients.

Questions: What questions are you asking of prospective clients before you make the plunge into a working relationship?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan