Stop Surfing the Web - Use RSS Feeds

RSS feeds allow you to view constantly updated material from your favorite websites without having to visit the websites each day. The feeds can be delivered directly to your email inbox or your internet phone. While I’m in the office I use Google Reader to view my favorite RSS feeds and while I’m on the road I use the iPhone app Byline to read posts and news. I’ve been using RSS feeds now for about a year and they have changed the way I use the internet and stay informed about subjects that matter most to me and my business. Here is a list of my favorite real estate and personal development RSS feeds:

Wall Street Journal – Real Estate: Great feed for national residential and commercial real estate industry news and commentary.

Future of Real Estate Marketing: The name says it all. Great site for the latest updates on marketing, social networking, and building a successful real estate business.

Reality and Hope with Steve Scanlon: Great coach for leaders and sales professionals. Steve’s articles are timely and encouraging for anyone that works in a commission based environment.

Daily Real Estate News from NAR: This site offers articles and tips for real estate sales professionals and consumers. It is published by the National Association of Realtors and is perfect for helping you stay up to date on all news affecting the real estate industry.

Wall Street Journal – Buying and Selling: Informative feed for buyers and sellers that are thinking about jumping into the real estate market or currently are in the game.

Mashable – Great feed for staying on top of the social media and technology world. This feed posts multiple times a day so I pick and choose the articles I actually read and delete the ones that are of no interest to me.

Michael Hyatt – One of my passions and responsibilities is to be an effective leader. Mike’s posts are timely and inspiring for leaders in all industries and at all levels.

As a real estate professional, your job can take you out of the office all day and keep you on the go for many hours. Having a system in place to help you stay up to date on the real estate market, buyer and seller trends, national and local news, and your favorite blogs is essential for you to staying at the top of your game and maintaining a healthy life balance.

Question: Are you using RSS feeds and if so, which ones are your favorites?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan