The Power of a Personal Note

A brief word of encouragement and thanks is a great way to connect with people and build relationships. The personal note is my favorite vehicle for delivering these types of messages. In his book The Power of Encouragement, author David Jeremiah says,

"Written encouragement comes directly from the heart, uninterupted and uninhibited. That's why it's so powerful."

Every day we are surrounded by negative news, people using foul language, people screaming at each other on the news, and just an overall lack of positive encouraging words being spoken or read. A personal note thanking someone for who they are and what they mean to your life and business may be the most important words they get all day.

If you are not someone that likes writing hand-written notes use email, Twitter, Facebook, a video text, or a standard text message. There are so many different types of vehicles to use when you deliver the note. Don't over think it just write it and send it. It will brighten the receiver's day and yours as well.

Question: What was the best personal note you ever received?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan