Sign of Success

A simple formula for building trust and credibility with past, present, and future clients is: Demonstration + Proclamation = Credibility

I learned this formula from John Maxwell and implemented it into my marketing plan right away. I found it to be a fantastic way to help me increase the level of trust and credibility that I had with my Sphere of Influence and farming area.

I put this formula to work in what I called my Sign of Success Campaign.

The purpose of this campaign was not to brag or shout from the rooftops all of the great things I had accomplished. Rather, it was a tool that I could use to proclaim that I knew what I was doing when it came to helping people buy and sell homes. When I closed a home and provided great customer service I demonstrated my ability to my current client, but I needed to let other people know as well so that I could gain their trust and establish credibility as someone that could get the job done.

Our past clients, referral partners, and sphere of influence don’t call us every day and ask, “Did you list or sell a home today?” They are living their busy lives and focused on their priorities.

Which is why it is important for them to see proof of your ability to do what you say you can do. Remember anyone can market services, but customers want to see results before they do business with you or send you referrals. The Sign of Success campaign allows you to share your passion for helping people achieve their goals and helps build credibility with future clients. I highly encourage you to implement a similar type of campaign into your sales business.

Here is an example of the type of postcard I sent out on a regular basis:

Question: Have you used a similar type of Sign of Success campaign in your business, and what were the results?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan

Sign of Success