Execute with Purpose

We are three weeks into the new year and I recommend that you pull out your business plan and review it at the start and end of each day for the next two weeks. Yes, I know it is still early in the year, but the three week mark is usually when our old habits show up and our endurance level can start to wane. You are going to need the inspiration and vision you cast in these plans to help keep you focused on your high-payoff activities and priorities. Evaluate your schedule and make sure you have your high-payoff activities entered and that you are actively engaging in them each day. Remember that your improvement projects are a key part of your plan but don’t let them hijack your day. Have scheduled time for them but do not shift your focus to them at inappropriate times, neglecting your high-payoff activities.

Neglecting high-payoff activities is a temptation for many professionals. Some lose their courage to keep doing the high-payoff activities when they’ve not achieved the level of success they expected. Others stop doing the high-payoff activities because they experience immediate success and believe they are too busy to stick to their plan. No matter what the reason most of us do not have the luxury of missing a month of executing our plan. If you fall one month behind the consequences could be the start of a downward spiral that is difficult to recover from.

We have a challenging year ahead of us but I’m confident that if you follow your plan and execute it with purpose you will end this year better than the last. Take the time each day to review your plan and execute.

Make it a great day.

Coach Dan