13 Questions and Goodbye

Over the past year I've been recording successes and failures, prayer requests and answered prayers, and challenges and blessings in the hope that I will be able to see the bigger picture of what is going on personally and professionally in my life. I've decided that this will be my last blog post of the year and that I will be taking a sabbatical from all social networking and media. My goal during my sabbatical is to spend time reflecting, meditating, reading, praying, and listening. I will be with my wife, children, friends, and family deepening relationships and making wonderful memories. The 13 questions I've listed below will be my homework for the remainder of the year. On January first I will begin to put into action a plan to ensure that in the near future I am able to answer "Yes" to all of these questions and the team that I lead can answer "Yes" as well.

I will return to blogging and the social media world the first week in January. Until then, I encourage you to answer these questions, spend time reflecting on 2009, and prepare to engage in 2010. I challenge you to take the steps necessary, so in 12 months you can answer "Yes" to ALL the questions below.

  1. Do you belong to a team of professionals that encourage, support, and challenge each other to be better?
  2. Does your manager or leader articulate the vision of your team during these challenging times?
  3. Do you trust your coworkers to help you with your business while you are on vacation?
  4. Are you working in a culture where there is recognition and celebration of success?
  5. Does your leader provide you with a personal and business development coaching program?
  6. Are you working from a written business plan that identifies your high-payoff activities and improvement projects for the coming year?
  7. Does your company/leader provide you with consistent relevant training?
  8. Does your company/leader provide you with tools to help you be successful and different than the competition?
  9. Do you trust that your manager/leader is looking out for you and sincerely wants you to be successful?
  10. Do your coworkers and your leader consistently live out the convictions and values of your organization?
  11. Do you have the desire to be engaged with your coworkers and contribute to the overall success of the company?
  12. Are you receiving value that is equal to or greater than what it costs to be at your current company?
  13. Are you willing to do what it takes so you can answer β€œYes.” to all of the questions listed above?

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Coach Dan