Facing Your Reality

Last week I talked with a friend about three different realities facing leaders and sales professionals as we approach the end of another year. This year has been difficult and challenging for everyone. Having clarity around the reality of your situation is required as you plan for this next year. Most of us do not have trouble dreaming or hoping for better results, but if we do this without acknowledging the reality of our situation and planning appropriately, our dreams will turn into nightmares. Here are three realities facing professionals today:

  • The Need for a Turn-Around: The past year you have seen your business shrink considerably. You’ve kept your head barely above water, had to cut personal and professional costs drastically, and if you don’t turn this ship around it will be the end of your career in this field. It’s time to look at what made you successful originally, think outside the box for new strategies, and recommit to your vision.
  • Sustain and Build on Success: The past year has been challenging, but you have risen to the occasion and survived the storm. Your success has helped you stay positive. You are working twice and hard and earning half the money but deals are closing and revenue is being generated. You need to keep this success cycle moving forward, adapt where needed, and work hard. Focus on honing your skills, bringing value to clients, and don’t stray from what you do best!
  • Time to Reset and Start-Up: The past year has been brutal. You have one foot out of the door and may even have a part-time job lined up to bring in revenue. You are faced with daunting questions, “Is this really worth my time and efforts? Can I be successful?” If you answer, “Yes”, it will mean lots of hard work, getting out of your comfort zone, facing your fears, and starting from scratch. You will be required to re-build relationships, re-establish your vision, write a new business plan, and work longer and harder than ever before.

Which of these realities are you facing right now?

Each of these realities will require commitment, determination, perseverance and a belief that you can be successful. Don’t spend time dreaming of future success without acknowledging the reality of your current situation. Once you have clarity around your reality, let me know how I can help. If you would like to work on developing a plan and strategy to address this reality, we can schedule some time together one-on-one.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan