Top 5 Takeaways From The Building Champions Experience

Two weeks ago my wife and I had the opportunity to attend the Building Champions Experience in Sunriver, Oregon. I wrote last week about the theme of this wonderful event: Reflect-Plan-Connect. Today, I had the opportunity speak with coach Raymond Gleason about my top 5 takeaways from the Experience. If you are looking for a professional event that helps you to develop both personally and professionally the Building Champions Experience is the perfect solution. This three day experience emerses you into the development of the Core 4 Success Puzzle and provides you with action plans to implement when you return to your busy life and business. Attendees included sales professionals, mid-level managers, business owners, and CEOs from across the nation.

Here are my Top 5 Takeaways from the Building Champions Experience:

1. Turn Your Vision/Strategy Into a Cultural Norm:

  • Over-communicate your Vision to your team – all of your communication must consistently reinforce your vision and strategy for achieving results. Keep reminding people where you are going and why.
  • Reward your people based on the accomplishment and living out of your Vision/Strategy.
  • Remember that leadership is more caught than taught. Be an example to your team; they are watching you and will imitate what you do. You can create the culture by personally living your Vision.

2. Create a Personal Development Plan – Be a Life Long Learner:

  • Training/Coaching programs are being cut from many corporate budgets.
  • Take the initiative to read as much as you can, study your industry, listen to conference calls, and attend events like the BC Experience.
  • Find a personal or virtual mentor; someone you can connect with in person or via social networking that will inspire and stretch you to grow personally and professionally.

3. Communication is Essential:

  • The Power of Words – the most powerful words are often three words or less. Most of the time people on our team or in our family have no idea how we feel about them. Your words can change someone’s life; don’t miss the opportunity to share with them how you feel.
  • Do not be afraid of transparency with your team – communicate the reality of the situation with them and the plans that are being put in place to adjust or help you achieve your desired end result (Stockdale Paradox).
  • In challenging times you must spend time with your team talking about opportunities and innovation – use systems to help you innovate, throw out all assumptions, don’t leap to solutions – create an atmosphere of “open communication” with no repercussions.

4. Manage Your Priorities

  • You cannot be everything to everyone – Identify the priorities in your life and business to make deposits into consistently; these deposits will produce a higher net worth in your life and business.
  • Make sure you have a weekly review time where you “pop your head up” and assess your progress and balance as it relates to your priorities.
  • Take 1 ½ days once a quarter to go through your Life Plan, Vision, and High Impact Projects that need to be accomplished. Use this time to work on yourself. Read, study, pray, meditate.
  • Create an Annual Time block that you update quarterly

5. Maintain Proper Perspective

  • You are not alone in your challenges. The opportunity for you to connect with a coach, mentor, and your peers, abound. Take advantage of those opportunities to renew your spirit and passion for what you are doing.
  • Maintaining perspective cannot be accomplished if you are not healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Exercise, eat right, and take time for yourself.
  • Don’t throw your Vision away if your plan is not working. Change or adapt your plan, but keep your Vision and Convictions.

The recorded call is posted here if you did not get an opportunity to listen to its original broadcast.

Make it a great day and I hope to see you at the Building Champions Experience in 2010.

Coach Dan

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