Book Review: Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham

Find Your Strongest Life In his latest book Marcus Buckingham brings to light the struggle of modern women living a life devoid of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. In spite of 40 years of the women’s rights movement, legislative changes for equality and the shattering of the corporate glass ceiling; women find themselves less happy, medicated for depression at higher rates than men, and emotionally unfulfilled. It is with this background that Marcus introduces a life skill or practice that will help women end their struggle and provide them with a lifelong road map for living their strongest life.

Buckingham's plan encourages women to recognize, create, and catch the "strong moments" in their life which are characterized by passion, joy, and the use of their natural gifts and talents. He believes these moments are the ones where women can find their ultimate purpose in life and/or business.

You may be asking yourself; why is a man reading and reviewing this book? The answer is simple; like most men, I am surrounded by women. Any insight into how they think and feel is beneficial to me as a son, husband, father, and as a professional. In my industry (real estate), 60% of the practitioners are women. This book makes good sense and I am glad I read it. The book opened my eyes to the plight of millions of women, from stay at home moms to working professionals that feel they have lost or given up what they love to do in order to meet the expectations of society, family, and themselves.

Marcus Buckingham is an excellent writer that holds your attention throughout the book. He provides amazing insights which leave the reader with a simple and challenging plan for positive change and a more purposeful life. The life stories shared by women from around the world will inspire you while at the same time break your heart.

My only word of caution on this book is that I believe Buckingham may put too much emphasis on using your "feelings" to make life changing decisions. While our feelings are important they can sometimes be misleading and cause us to make decisions we later regret. Taking the time to analyze our feelings, consider our obligations, and look at innovative ways to make changes in our life to focus on our strengths and talents is a great practice that I fully support. I believe this practice is at the heart of Buckingham's plan for helping women.

I encourage everyone to read this book and learn what the happiest and most successful women do as they live their Strongest Life.