Selling vs. Marketing Activities

What is the difference between the selling and marketing activities in your business? Many professionals don't know the difference and assume they are one and the same. Knowing the difference between the two and applying both of them properly to your business development plan can be the difference between a mediocre and break-through year in your business. Let me explain the difference and why I think this is so important. Marketing activities are disciplines, to do lists, and projects that you perform to help build your brand, create top of mind awareness, and display your products and services, etc. These activities do not result in dialogue between you and the consumer.

Selling activities are disciplines, to do lists, and projects that you get you in front of the consumer to close a sale or get a referral. These activities are sometimes the result of marketing activities but the most successful people know that you cannot sit back and wait for your marketing activities to make the phone ring. You have to go a step beyond the marketing and actually engage the consumer if you are going to have a break-through year.

Still having trouble seeing the difference? Let's look at an example of a real estate broker. This profession requires you to be able to sell property in order to make money and run a successful business. The traditional real estate broker will send out a monthly newsletter, a calendar once a year, a few different holiday gifts, and run ads in their local paper. This is done with the belief that they are doing everything they can to build their business and get referrals. However, all of these activities are all marketing focused. There is actually no selling activities occuring. While this strategy worked in booming market, it will not work in the one we are experiencing today.

Let's look at an example of a non-traditional agent that incorporate all of the activities mentioned above and then goes one step further by adding a few selling activities to their strategy. This real estate broker has dedicated time each day to call and talk to 10-15 past clients or prospects, she has scheduled 2 coffee appiontments and 2 lunches over the next week to meet face to face with her referral partners in the community, and she will be spending her weekend walking a neighborhood close to where she lives meeting neighbors and offering them information on the real estate market. This broker has chosen a business strategy that includes both marketing and selling activities. The probability of her achieving success and meeting her goals is much higher than someone that only uses marketing and passive activities to try and accomplish the same results.

I'm not telling you that marketing activities are wrong but they are not enough to build a long-lasting successful business. Everyone one of us in sales from the CEO to the receptionist. The types of activities we commit to each day will determine our overall success. Don't blur the line between marketing activities and selling activities.

If you are struggling to develope new accounts or build relationships with new clients, I encourage you to honestly evaluate activities in the areas of marketing and selling. Take a sheet of paper and make two columns, one that says Marketing Activities and one that says Selling Activities. Start filling in the columns with the activities you are doing from mailings, to print advertising, to email campaigns, to phone calls, to face to face meetings. Put them in the appropriate column. If one column is weighted heavier than the other than you know where you need to focus your attention over the next 90 days.

If you would like to have me review your results from this exercise please feel free to send me your sheet and we can schedule a time to talk about how you can develope a strategy for success that includes a balance of marketing and selling activities in your business.

Real Estate Brokers - If you would like for me to send you a list of the most common marketing and selling activities just send me an email.

Question: What marketing and selling activities have you found bring you the highest return on investment?

Make it a Great Day!

Coach Dan

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