Passion: The Fuel to Success

Passion.I seem to be running into two types of people these days. The first type has lost their passion. They focus on the negative news of the day, how their bills are mounting, their assets are depreciating, and how their relationships are suffering. The second type is busy seizing the moment and is passionate about the opportunities that are in front of them. They seem to possess a unique drive and thirst for success that is keeping them on track and positive. Here are five things that I have learned this year that will help you increase your commitment and make Passion the Fuel to Success.

  1. Passion Reminds You of Your “Big Why”. The most successful people I know have a deep understanding of their purpose in life and business. They are able to navigate through the negativity surrounding them and focus on their convictions and purpose. With literally 100s if not 1000s of choices to make each day, if you don’t have your “Big Why” figured out you will find yourself easily distracted and influenced by non-productive activity. Your passion for doing something will keep returning you to your Big Why over and over again so that you never lose focus of what is most important.
  2. Passion Helps You to Persevere. When times are tough in the key areas of life you need to focus on what you are passionate about and the result will be motivation. Here is an example, when our real estate market first started suffering the effects of the current economic struggle we were bombarded with clients and agents expressing their frustration over a variety of issues. I admit that I was feeling a little depressed and not really wanting to come into work. But instead of giving up and letting the negativity affect my level of success I decided to develop a listing/marketing presentation that would help sellers and agents understand the market we were facing and how they could take specific steps to get their home sold. The presentation helped many of our agents explain the market while laying out a game plan for sellers to get their home sold and increase our team’s market share. My passion for creating solutions and training helped me to persevere and develop an empowering and successful resource for my team.
  3. Passion Produces Joy: When you work in your “strength zone” and you utilize your God-given talents and skills you experience a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction. Successful people love what they do and find joy in doing it each day. The work may be difficult and sometimes stressful but the joy of using your natural talents and gifts will fuel your passion and in turn helps you to be more successful. We’ve all seen athletes, actors, or performers that have moments when they are just in the zone. I remember watching Michael Jordan hit 6 three point shots in the first half of a Championship game and he the look on his face was not that of intensity or even excitement it was pure joy. After his sixth three point shot he was smiling and lifting his hands to say, “I can’t stop myself, I am loving it!”
  4. Passion is the Drive for Learning and Developing New Skills: When you are passionate about something you love, you want to increase your knowledge and skills in that area and so you get better at doing it. Successful people ask themselves; what knowledge do I need or skill do I need to learn in order to be the best in my field. Passion is not something that ever causes you to be stagnant or content with your knowledge of something. It drives you to learn more, be innovative, and create solutions.
  5. Passion Allows you to Make a Contribution to this World: Over the past few years my heart has been changing and I now firmly believe that if you are not contributing something back you cannot be truly successful. We were not created to simply be a sponge of consumer resources; we were made to contribute something back to our world. These contributions come in all shapes in sizes for each of us has an offering to make that is as unique and individual as we are. Imagine the gift you could bring to our world by sharing what you have learned and what you are passionate about. You could be the person that inspires someone else to reach a level of success and greatness they never thought possible.

Questions: What is your passion in life and business? How has your passion fueled your success? What have you learned about the importance of passion this year?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan