Bringing Out The Best In Your Team

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a leadership workshop on Bringing out the Best in Your Team. The workshop was presented by Building Champions and led by their founder and CEO, Daniel Harkavy. During this workshop he shared his proven strategies for helping leaders and managers take their team’s performance to the next level in both business and life. At one point during the workshop Daniel gave the audience a simple method to engage your team each day. He said to always remember AEI when working with your team members. AEI stands for Affirm, Encourage, and Inspire. After the workshop I thought of action verbs for the remaining vowels in the English language. When combined, we have a great tool to use as a daily action reminder for bringing out the best in those you serve and work with.

Here are the “Vowels of Leadership”:

  • A – Affirm your team in the areas of their strengths and talents. Remind each team member of their natural God-given abilities and how rewarding it is to see them developed in their business and life.
  • E – Encourage your team to always stretch themselves and embrace the values of your company.
  • I – Inspire your team to greatness by consistently sharing the vision of the company and the goals you are striving for this year.
  • O – Observe your team in real life settings conducting business. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to affirm and encourage them in their leadership development.
  • U – Unify your team around a culture of personal and professional success. Live out the convictions of your company each day by “walking your talk.”

and sometimes…

  • Y – Yield to your team. Set your ego and self-interest aside and become a servant leader with the goal of helping to transform the lives of all those you serve.

I encourage your comments and thoughts on how you can use these “Vowels of Leadership” in your career, business, and in life.

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan