Using the Right Systems and Tools

In my last post we discussed how systems and tools are usually designed and formed out of failure or a need to improve performance to meet client expectations. Linsey Macy, a real estate broker in my Newberg, Oregon branch recently started using our Property Investment Profile tool to help her sellers and buyers understand the direction of the current Newberg, Oregon real estate market. The Property Investment Profile is a great tool that shows a client the real estate activity in their specific neighborhood in "real time". By "real time" I mean that it pulls market stats and information directly from our Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) and displays that information in a consumer friendly report to help the consumer understand the local market trends as well as see what their competition is doing in terms of price, incentives, and marketing.

Below is a testimonial of just how powerful this tool can be to help consumers have a realistic view of the market and gain the trust in a broker that provides them with outstanding service and information to help them chose the right pricing strategy to get their home sold. The email is written to the President and CEO of Prudential Northwest Properties, Bert Waugh, Jr.

Hi Bert,

Just wanted to share a recent success story regarding the Property Investment Profile and thank you for providing such fantastic technology!

Last week I met with a couple for a pre-listing appointment. During our quick conversation I asked them where they thought the real estate market was headed. They said they knew prices had come down but they had heard Buyer activity had increased so they would want to list their home around a certain price – not a realistic price, by the way. As part of my usual process I set them up on a PIP after that conversation and prior to our actual listing appointment. When I walked into the listing appointment this weekend they raved about the Property Investment Profile and said they could now see where they should list their home….exactly the same price I had come up (and much lower than their expectations the previous week).

Thanks to the PIP I have the listing and realistic sellers! Thank you!

Linsey Macy Real Estate Broker Prudential Northwest Properties Direct: 503-703-9064 Email:

What tools and systems are missing from your business that would allow you to have this sort of impact on a client?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan