The Importance of Fellowship

Last night my wife and I had the honor of hosting my entire sales team and staff for our annual appreciation dinner. We held the event at our home and spent much of the evening outdoors in our backyard where we shared a meal, laughed, and shared our successes and challenges over the past year. The event reminded me of how important it is to share time with your team outside of work in an environment where you can meet spouses and learn more about each other personally. Here are just a few things I was reminded of last night as it relates to fellowship:

  1. Fellowship must be intentional. It does not happen by accident or by mistake. Taking the time to break away from work and the busyness of life is something that we must schedule regularly in order to renew our purpose and minister to one another.
  2. Fellowship requires transparency. Last night was not an evening to put on a mask. It was a time share hopes, dreams, and challenges in our personal and professional areas of life. There is no room for false fronts in true community and fellowship. You can only grow strong as a team when everyone is candid and honest with one another.
  3. Fellowship should lead to renewal and inspiration. Last night we all had the opportunity to encourage one another, talk about our family, share our plans for the summer, our hopes for the future, and leave the party renewed and inspired to keep fighting the good fight.

I feel very blessed to lead my team of sales leaders. It was a great evening of fellowship and a wonderful opportunity for my wife and me to show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication of our team.

Here are a few pictures

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan