The Market Will Not Take a Break

Today begins Spring Break for many families and taking time off of work is vital to maintaining your important life balance. However, please do not miss the opportunity the market is giving you this week. Today rates are again below 5% and we are seeing an increase in market activity. Our office put together 3 sales this weekend and took 3 more listings…great job everyone!

Unfortunately, we cannot plan when our business will increase or when the market will engage. Although it always seems to happen when we decide to go on vacation! I believe that this will be a pivotal week for our local market and for the month of March. Low interest rates, low home prices, and the fact that spring is finally here will put folks in the mood for change. All will play into the market's momentum this week. Couples that have been swamped with work and kids in school will pause to have long overdue conversations about life and real estate. Some will decide it's time to buy, sell, or pick up that investment property. Make sure they know you are available to help them!

If you are on vacation, talk to your family about how you will need to dedicate a few hours to staying in touch with people and to keeping an eye on your business. If you will be out of communication, I encourage you to have someone in the office stay in touch with your clients for you. Don't be "silent" this week. Your sphere of influence and database need to hear from you. If you are in the office, make it a great week. Seize every opportunity and CREATE new ones this week by calling people, emailing them, taking them to lunch or coffee. Make it happen.

To your success!

Coach Dan