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Instructions On Love

As I continue to study love, I realize I need more of it in my life. I need to let Christ's love invade and conquer every part of my life. The more of His love that I have in my life the more I am able to show love to others. The more of His love I have the more closely my behaviors are aligned to the example he set for me.

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Leadership Lessons from the Christmas Story

As a leader, I’m always looking for leadership lessons in the lives of other leaders, books, articles, and my own life experiences. With us approaching Christmas, I recently read the different biblical accounts of the arrival of Jesus' on earth. While reading these Christmas stories, a few leadership lessons jumped out at me that I thought were worth sharing. I did not find them in the usual biblical stories that you hear at a Christmas church service. Rather, these insights came from the first chapter in the book of John.

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