Bringing Glory To God

Abraham never wavered in believing God's promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. - Romans 4:20

As I was meditating on this verse today, the words that came to my mind were "unwavering perseverance and belief".

There are so many times as a leader that I find myself struggling to be patient as I wait on the will and timing of God. With frustration and impatience, I often ask:

  • When will this plan start to pay off?
  • When will results match my efforts?
  • When will this relationship improve or deepen to the point of intimacy or reward?

It is in these moments that I must remember to trust in the LORD and lean not on my own understanding. In these moments if I allow my will to be my focus it leads to anxiousness, fear, and heartache.

I'm reminded to trust in the LORD though just as Abraham did throughout his life. Abraham waited over 25 years before God fulfilled his promise of giving him a son to be his heir. And not only did he wait 25 years but he was 100 years old when Isaac was actually born. How did he not lose hope.

Through this story Abraham sets the example of perseverance that Christ-followers must strive for each day as we wait patiently on the LORD for his will to be done in our life.

While I may not have a personal promise like Abraham, I can have faith that God's will for my life is perfect and exactly what I am looking for as an answer to my questions, plans, and anxiousness.

The tension between my will and God's will is that beautiful space where my faith grows, my trust deepens, and I experience total reliance on my LORD. When I release my will and embrace the uncertainty of this space and the certainty of His love and provision, I bring glory to Him.


Father, help me to embrace the tension between your will and mine and draw closer to you. Holy Spirit increase my faith in moments where I am deep in the waters of uncertainty. Jesus, guide me as I desire to rely on the will of the Father and trust in Him as you did. Give me the faith and perseverance of Abraham. Amen.


  • In what moments do you find your faith in God the weakest?
  • Is there a promise of God that you find difficult to believe in?
  • How are you creating a culture of faith and perseverance with those you love, lead, and serve?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan