Advocating Before The Lord

Then Abraham pressed his request further. “Suppose there are only forty?” And the LORD replied, “I will not destroy it for the sake of the forty." - Genesis 18:29

Convicted today to advocate for my friends and family before the LORD. Abraham dared to plead, beg, and argue before the LORD on behalf of loved ones. He did this because he had a relationship with the LORD that was built on trust, transparency, and an understanding of each other's character.

Knowing the character of God, Abraham appeals to the LORD's mercy and justice. He knows the LORD finds joy in the faith walk of the righteous. He knows the LORD will not turn his back on the righteous but he also knows that the LORD is a God of justice that must not allow sin to go unpunished.

Knowing his LORD, he enters into a space that I'm frequently scared to enter. Scared because I might offend the LORD - afraid that I will be disrespectful to the LORD.

But I have to remember there is no fear in love. There is respect and understanding in love.

When I consider my needs and those of others - when I contemplate the character of the LORD - and I weigh all of these together and come before the LORD from a position of love and advocacy, not pride - I can't help but think I have the ear of the LORD.


LORD, thank you for hearing my prayers. Thank you for allowing me to come before you and advocate for my life, my friends, and those I love and serve. Holy Spirit, help me to know your character better and in respect bring people before you in prayer. Jesus, thank you for advocating for me before the LORD, thank you for having my back every step of the way in this life. Amen.


  • Who do you know that needs you to advocate before the LORD on their behalf?
  • Are you building a culture at home and work where people can come to you and advocate on the behalf of others?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dan


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