New Truth: No Condemnation

Because of Christ's work on the cross and his resurrection, I do not have to face the eternal penalty for my sin. While I may still have to deal with the temporal consequences, there is no longer the threat of eternal condemnation because I am unable to be in the presence of a holy God.

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New Truth: You Are A New Person

I am hopeful today as I think about how, together, we believers are all on this journey of resurrection and renewal - of recreation as we get closer and closer to the return of Christ. We look forward to and long for the day when our lives will be released from the chains of death and decay. When our bodies will be released from sin and suffering. 

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Wisdom and Revelation

Instead of focusing on the outcome I desire to see, I am convicted today to focus simply on praying for God to reveal Himself and impart His wisdom on the people I love, lead, and serve. I can trust in Him and his ability to change the heart and mind of the person in just the right way.

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Finding God In The Darkness

God is not afraid of the darkness, he tests us in the darkness, he comforts us, calms our fears, and reveals himself to us in ways that cause us to be in awe of Him and understand his glory just a little bit more. This cannot happen though if I am constantly removing myself from challenges at work, dysfunctional relationships, or my calling as a leader for those I love and serve.

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Can God Be Trusted?

Jesus repeatedly said to his disciples and followers, "Trust in God; trust also in me." In his parables, teachings, and his own actions he demonstrated that when we fail to trust in God's provision for our lives we sin. We take God off the throne and replace Him with ourselves.

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