Our Coaching Framework

Our coaching process has been developed and refined through 20 years of working with thousands of clients. Everything we do is designed to help our clients expand their personal leadership, develop their teams, and maximize their influence and results.



The foundation of organizational success is individual success. Strong leaders who first lead themselves well can then develop effective, high-performing, healthy teams. We understand how business and life are inextricably linked, and we coach our clients to be successful in both. Self-leadership always precedes team leadership.

To help our clients achieve new levels of success in their self-leadership we work with them in the following areas:

  • Life Planning
  • Role Clarity
  • Leadership Effectiveness

Team Leadership

Exceptional leaders are able to successfully develop people and deliver results. They must be able to effectively manage direct reports, lead high-performing teams, and build healthy cultures. Your leadership effectiveness will be determined by your decisions and influence.  

To help our clients lead high-performing teams we work with them in the following areas:

  • 5 Cohesive Behaviors of Healthy Teams
  • Developing Team Members in 1:1 Meetings
  • Accountability and Performance Management
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Organizational Leadership

As leaders grow their influence, they must shift their gaze above their role and department to have a meaningful effect across the organization. This role requires a different set of skills and a broader perspective, which must be intentionally developed. Growing your leadership capacity is both a strategic advantage and a corporate responsibility. 

To help our clients have the greatest impact across the organization we work with them in the following areas:

  • 7 Perspectives of a Leader
  • Succession Planning
  • Engaging for Impact