Companies across the globe are beginning to see that one's personal life and work life are inseparable. Many are encouraging their employees to develop written Life Plans and giving them the training they need to do so.

Based on of the best-selling book by authors Daniel Harkavy and Michael Hyatt, the Living Forward workshop will mutually benefit your employees and your company in three specific ways:

  1. Helping employees do Life Planning communicates you care. Employees working for you have dreams, hopes, and aspirations. When you encourage Life Planning, you are essentially saying, "We want to help you accomplish your ultimate goals and dreams."
  2. Helping employees do Life Planning ensures they are productive at work. When employees engage in life planning, they are less likely to have something like a health crisis or marital conflict distract them at work. They can be more fully present on the job and focus on tasks at hand. 
  3. Helping employees do Life Planning empowers them to be engaged on the job. When employees are working to attain passion and progress in every area of their life, they are less likely to be cynical or apathetic. They have the emotional resources to invest in their work and the customers they serve. 

When employees feel valued, and are more productive and engaged, they create a culture that can truly be a strategic advantage in today's competitive environment. 

The Living Forward experience provides your team members with the clarity they need to articulate a vision for their life and develop a plan for getting to a better destination. The Life Plan framework helps participants answer three of life's most powerful questions:

 How do I want to be remembered?
 What matters most to me?
 How can I get from here to where I want to be?


Living Forward will resonate with those who want the peace that comes from knowing what matters most to them and how to fill their days, weeks, months, and years with actions that will enable them to make the greatest difference possible. I have spoken on this topic to a wide array of industries and organizations - mortgage bankers, realtors, fast-food owners, business consultants, social clubs, and national quick-service food companies. 


Living Forward is designed to be delivered as a keynote or in a workshop setting. The ideal length of time for the keynote speech is forty-five to sixty minutes. The Living Forward workshop is designed to be a three to four hour workshop. Workshop audience members will receive the customized Life Assessment Profile and Living Forward Workbook. 


  • Audience members will have a heightened sense of what's truly possible for their life. 
  • Audience members will be equipped to make better decisions in every area of their life.
  • Audience members will be positioned to make the most significant contribution in this world that they can and add the most value to those around them. 




Module 1:  Acknowledge The Drift

In this module participants will learn why so few people plan their lives and what happens when they don't. It usually comes down to what we call "the drift", a metaphor for understanding how we arrive at destinations we don't consciously choose. 

Module 2:  Appreciate the Benefits of Life Planning

Participants will understand exactly what is meant by the term Life Plan, what it is and isn't. We will explain the major benefits of creating a Life Plan. 

Module 3:  Begin With The End In Mind

Participants will see the power in fast-forwarding to the end of their life and asking the question, "What will my family, friends, and colleagues say when I am dead?" The possibility of shaping how these people remember you can be a powerful lever for motivating positive change.

Module 4:  Determine Your Priorities

Participants will be guided through the process of identifying various "Life Accounts." Through the Life Assessment Profile, participants will gain insight into the passion and progress they have in the nine major domains of life.

Module 5:  Building and Implementing Your Plan

Once participants have determined their priorities they will create an "Action Plan" for each account. They will be guided through the process of creating a purpose statement, envisioned future, current reality, and specific commitments for each Life Account. Participants will then learn proven strategies and tactics to implement their Life Plan successfully.