At its heart, leadership is all about influence. When done properly, great leaders are able to bring out the best in all of their people and relationships. Their ability to simultaneously deliver results and develop people sets them apart. 

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The 4Growth workshop is designed to help leaders take advantage of both formal and informal opportunities to intentionally invest in the people they lead by focusing on four key roles:

  • Manager - The role of effectively directing people toward specific outcomes. 

  • Teacher - The role of equipping others to improve performance.

  • Mentor - The role of sharing your experience, expertise and advice. 

  • Coach - The role of partnering with people to increase their potential and maximize their strengths.

At the heart of each of the 4Growth roles is a set of skills that must be continually developed and refined. 

While each individual skill may be simple, when combined and leveraged together they can have a profound impact on your ability to bring out the best in your people.

  • Active Listening - The ability to leverage verbal and non-verbal cues to improve comprehension and understanding in communication. 

  • Asking Powerful Questions - The ability to utilize questions to engage someone's mind to expand their thinking and identify possible solutions. 

  • Leveraging Goals - The ability to set the right goals with systems in place to ensure the goals are being achieved the right way. 

  • Providing Feedback - The ability to provide consistent feedback desired to help people grow and develop while delivering better results.

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My team and I had Dan out to deliver the 4Growth workshop. His approach and content were extremely helpful and informative, we have done coaching seminars before as a team but Dan’s visit was by far the most comprehensive that we have enjoyed so far.
— Alex Aviles, Chick-fil-A, Inc. Operator


Anyone who is a leader of people that wants to increase their influence and help their team deliver outstanding results. I have spoken on this topic to a wide array of industries - mortgage bankers, realtors, fast-food owners, business consultants, and national quick-service food companies. 


4Growth is designed to be delivered in a workshop setting with a minimum of 10 leaders participating. The ideal length of time for the workshop is two full eight-hour days, but can be modified to a single day eight-hour event. 


  1. Audience members will be convinced that using the 4Growth model will lead to greater influence and results with their people.
  2. Audience members will have a framework for meeting with their team members one-on-one and using that framework to their advantage.
  3. Audience members will leave with practical, actionable steps they can implement immediately.

Presentation Outline

Module 1:  Introduction To The 4Growth Framework

In this module I will lay out the overarching philosophy of the four roles, principle components of each of the four roles, and the key skills needed to execute with excellence on each role. 

Module 2:  The 4 Key Skills

Participants will engage in a series of exercises designed to help them understand each key skill and when to use it in one-on-one meetings. When completed the participants will be equipped to use the four key skills of the 4Growth model. 

Module 3:  Exploring and Understanding The 4 Roles

In this module we will dive deeper into the four roles of the 4Growth framework, exploring how to combine these roles and the key skills to increase influence and deliver results with your team members. Participants will engage in a series of exercises designed to help them practice each role. 

Module 4:  Application and Moving Forward

I will review the results of the 4Growth survey (conducted prior to workshop with each leader's direct reports) and lead a discussion around what the data tells us and what opportunities exist to increase performance in the year ahead. Participants will also engage in a facilitated discussion around best practices for maximizing one-on-one opportunities.