Brene BrownOur willingness to own and engage with our vulnerability determines the depth of our courage and the clarity of our purpose; the level to which we protect ourselves from being vulnerable is a measure of our fear and disconnection.


Brene Brown
Daring Greatly (New York: Gotham Books, 2012), 2

Deliver The Best Year-End Team Meeting

This past week I had the privilege and opportunity to spend time with one of our largest clients in Atlanta, GA. They created a unique space for fellowship, reflection on the previous year, planning for the future, and equipping its leaders to execute on strategies which will lead them closer to their 2020 vision. I was inspired by the experience and want to share with you some of the best practices I observed.

Team Meeting

Finish The Year Strong

The final 90 days of the year are upon us. All the plans you made, goals you set, and promises you made will be examined, scrutinized, and assessed in the weeks ahead. Before you put yourself under the microscope and start counting the wins and losses, you need to remember there are still 90 days of life and leadership left in the year.

Finish Strong - 90 Day Plan

Self-Leadership Precedes Team Leadership

Day 2 of the Building Champions Experience began with a simple message and principle: “Self-leadership precedes team leadership”. In other words, I can’t lead, sell, operate or be effective in my business if my personal life is not properly aligned to my priorities. I can’t lead those I love and serve with the energy and passion that is needed if I’m failing to lead myself.

Life Plan

Opening Night 2014 Experience

The Building Champions Experience opened last night with a wonderful message from coaches Daniel Harkavy and James Allison. The theme of their message was that taking the time to reflect, plan, and connect is a unique gift that we must accept and maximize if we are to live and lead with purpose.


The Building Champions Experience

BCE2014This week I will be in Sunriver, Oregon where my company will be hosting the Building Champions Experience. This four day event attracts leaders from across the nation and provides them with time, space, and coaching to help them reflect on their life and business, plan for the year ahead, and connect with other like-minded professionals.

I will be blogging from the event, providing my readers with a daily recap of key take-aways and experiences. You can follow the event on social media as well:

Twitter Hashtag: #TheBCE


I look forward to seeing clients and all the wonderful professionals at this year’s event.

I’m excited to be speaking to the wonderful loan officers at NW Mortgage Group during their quarterly sales meeting. I will be speaking on boundaries, high-payoff activities, and how to live, lead, and serve with greater purpose.

Date: September 10, 2014
Event: NW Mortgage Quarterly Loan Officer Meeting
Topic: Freedom Through Boundaries
Sponsor: NW Mortgage Group
Venue: George Fox University, Portland Campus
Location: Portland, OR
Public: Private